About Us

After returning home from my Pastry Chef qualification in Devon to the announcement of a national lockdown, I was in a bit of a sink or swim scenario. I'd left my previous job to study and had nothing else lined up, not that anywhere was now open to go into. I decided to take a leap and start my own business, somewhat sooner than I'd planned! September 2020 saw the official launch of MoodyMare Patisserie online and I haven't looked back since. I did my first ever markets/events at the end of 2021 and I loved getting to interact with people face to face so much that you can now find me at events on most weekends throughout the year. 

The MoodyMare


This is me, the big boss, the founder of MoodyMare. I've always enjoyed baking, I have a real love for chocolate work, but most importantly I thrive off bringing joy to people - what better way to do that than with food!

Mother Moody


This is my mum, an absolute legend, who has supported me and my business in more ways than I can count. If you've followed my journey from the start then you'll have seen her face a lot at markets and events, providing you with the best customer service. Now fully trained up on traybakes and chocolate she's often responsible for the all important restocks during busy events!